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Welcome to our website and let us introduce ourselves.

SCP has been started in 1993 by some very enthusiastic and ambitious
citizens in Strathroy, Ontario and has been carried on ever since
by very dedicated board, members and cast.

Traditionally we do two production every year. An original in the fall
and a musical production in the spring. Everybody is welcome to join as actor,
writer, stage crew, producer etc. You do not need any previous experience.
We learn from each other and do have some very dedicated professionals
helping us along the way. We  have a lot of fun working together and share
our passion and creativity.

There is always the last production to discuss and the new one in the works. Enjoy some video clips from the past and maybe come out and join in for the next.
Another SCP specialty. We do life commercials in our fall productions.
All orignals as well.

Drop us an e-mail, to find out how to have your own business advertised on stage

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